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本文摘要:Hillary Clinton created “security risks” by using a personal email account and private email server when she was secretary of state, according to a sharply critical report by the state department that could hound her in the tightening pres


Hillary Clinton created “security risks” by using a personal email account and private email server when she was secretary of state, according to a sharply critical report by the state department that could hound her in the tightening presidential election campaign.美国国务院一份措辞严苛的报告称之为,希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)在兼任国务卿期间用于个人电子邮件账户和私人电子邮件服务器的不道德,引起了“安全性风险”,这件事有可能在紧绷的总统竞选中后遗症她。The department’s inspector-general, an internal watchdog, said Mrs Clinton had not sought legal approval to conduct official business on the server she installed in her New York home. It also said security officials would not have sanctioned the practice in part because of “the security risks of doing so”.美国国务院的内部监督部门——国务院监察宽办公室回应,希拉里并没就利用其加装在纽约家里的服务器处置公务谋求法律批准后。

报告还称之为,安全性官员会批准后这种作法,部分原因就在于“这么做到的安全性风险”。Donald Trump, the likely Republican presidential candidate, has used Mrs Clinton’s use of the private email server as fodder for attacks against an opponent he has dubbed “Crooked Hillary”. An average of polls shows Mr Trump narrowly leading his Democratic rival.基本瞄准共和党总统候选人奖提名的唐纳德特朗普(Donald Trump),早已把希拉里用于私人电邮服务器当成把柄,反击这名被他戏称为“不诚实的希拉里”的政治输掉。


最近几项民调的平均值结果显示特朗普小幅领先他的民主党输掉。Although the email controversy has raged for months, the findings are the first conclusions from an official investigation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is still conducting its own inquiry, which could ultimately lead to criminal charges. In recent weeks, the FBI has interviewed top Clinton aides, including longtime adviser Huma Abedin, but has yet to interview Mrs Clinton.虽然这场电邮争议早已烘烤了几个月,但这是官方调查首次做出定论。

联邦调查局(FBI)仍在展开调查,最后有可能造成刑事指控。最近几周,FBI对希拉里的高级助理展开了问讯,还包括长年顾问胡玛阿贝丁(Huma Abedin),但仍未对希拉里本人展开问讯。Brian Fallon, her campaign spokesman, said while Republicans would use the report to attack Mrs Clinton, it proved her “use of personal email was not unique, and she took steps that went much further than others to appropriately preserve and release her records”.希拉里竞选团队发言人布赖恩法伦(Brian Fallon)回应,尽管共和党方面将利用这份报告来反击希拉里,但报告证明她“不是用于个人电邮的唯一官员,而且她采行了涉及步骤,在适当留存和交还自己的记录方面比其他人做到得多”。

While the report found no evidence of illegal activity, the conclusions will fuel concerns within her own party that Mrs Clinton is perceived as untrustworthy. A recent CBS-New York Times poll found two-thirds of voters do not believe Mrs Clinton is “honest and trustworthy” — though a similar number said the same thing about Mr Trump.虽然这份报告没找到违法活动的证据,但它得出结论的结论不会激化民主党内部的忧虑,即希拉里给人的印象是不能信任。哥伦比亚广播公司-纽约时报(CBS-New York Times)最近展开的一项民调找到,三分之二的选民不指出希拉里是“真诚和可信任的”,尽管近似于比例的选民对特朗普也有完全相同观点。Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee chairman, said the report proved that Mrs Clinton “hasn’t been telling the truth since day one”.共和党全国委员会(RNC)主席雷恩斯普瑞巴斯(Reince Priebus)回应,这份报告证明希拉里“从第一天开始仍然没说道真话”。While previous secretaries of state, including Colin Powell, used personal email for business on occasion, Mrs Clinton was unique in relying on a private server. The investigation said she should have turned over her work-related emails when she stepped down in 2013. She did not provide them until 2014, after intense public pressure.尽管以往的国务卿——还包括科林鲍威尔(Colin Powell,2001年至2005年兼任小布什政府国务卿——译者录)——有时候利用个人电子邮件积极开展公务,但希拉里在依赖私人服务器方面是唯一的。

调查称之为,她本不应在2013年辞职后立刻接管与工作涉及的电子邮件。结果她只是在受到反感舆论压力后,在2014年才交还这些邮件。Mrs Clinton has repeatedly defended her actions, saying she never emailed any information marked “classified”. The report said she had refused to be questioned as part of its investigation.希拉里再三反驳自己的不道德,称之为她未曾通过电子邮件发送任何印有“机密”的信息。报告称之为,她拒绝接受作为调查的一部分拒绝接受发言。

Though the FBI probe is not expected to lead to criminal charges, James Comey, the FBI director, recently said he felt “pressure” to finish the investigation given its political ramifications.虽然FBI的调查预计不至于造成刑事指控,但该局局长詹姆斯科米(James Comey)最近回应,他感受到“压力”,拒绝他考虑到该案的政治影响,尽早已完成调查。Even if the justice department decides not to prosecute based on the FBI findings, Mrs Clinton faces other probes. Her campaign hopes all of the probes will be wrapped up ahead of the election to damp the attacks from Mr Trump.即使司法部要求不根据FBI的调查结果宣判,希拉里还面对着其他调查。





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